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Inovae Agency is a Drupal-only webshop based in Geneva, Switzerland. Into our fifth year of existence, we have the chance to work with high level international organizations and private
companies. These clients have really high expectations and demands, which means we are constantly pushing Drupal to new directions, working hard to use Drupal at it maximum potential. We are looking for someone who knows Drupal very well for a long time, to fill a position of Drupal backend developer to join our existing team of 7 people.

Your profile

Candidates should have a proven track record of modules and Drupal contributions. We are
especially looking for someone who likes to have challenges using Drupal and pushing it to it’s limits
as a framework! We need someone autonomous and pro-active, oriented solution and problem solving. We like to
work with passionate people, that really care of their work and want to be proud of what they deliver.
You will work in a dynamic and demanding environment, so we want only really motivated people!

Experience and skills required

• Excellent Drupal 7 knowledge (API, Hooks, Module, etc)

• Excellent PHP/mysql knowledge proven with code samples

• Good knowledge of object oriented development

• Elementary knowledge of HTML/CSS

• Good english skills , written and oral

• Excellent collaboration skills

• Focus on details and quality


• Knowledge of mobile development

• Good knowledge of Javascript and jQuery

• Knowledge of frontend development (html 5, css 3, Responsive design, testing)

• Experience with Agile methods

• French and/or Hungarian languages skills

• Experience with GIT, drush…

• Knowledge of Drupal 8.

• Experience in QA procedures and system administration

• Experience with large projects

Job Description

The new collaborator will complete and support our existing Drupal-only development team of 7
people. As a Drupal backend developer, he will be subordoned to the scrum master and the product owner of each project and to the CTO and CEO. Good part of the collaboration will be done online on an daily and even hourly basis. This position can be done in a remote way, with the need of travelling up to 2-4 times a year. It requires full time availability, but then offers sufficient amount of
tasks likewise.

Salary range: from 20 CHF to 30 CHF per hour.

Start: To be defined.


Send us a detailed application :

• CV

• Letter of introduction

• References (Drupal work, code samples, contributions, etc)

Thank you for your interest!


Kian Rieben

+41(0)76 586 29 27

[email protected]